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Builds Your Subscriber List 3x As Fast
Gives You The Highest Optin Conversion Rate Of Any Tool. Proven.
Increases your Optin Conversions to an average as high as 22.6%'
Surges Your Optins
Works on ANY Website
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Just Take a Look at How Our Two Users Have Used OptinChat To Generate Over 29,000 Email Optins…

Jitendra Vaswani
Deepak Kanakaraju

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Why Top Marketers Trust On Email Marketing...
“The Money Is In The List.”

We’ve all heard it so many times.

But thankfully it’s more than a cliche. It’s true.

Thanks to Campaign Monitor we know that:

"Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%."

This means that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get a hefty 38 USD back in your pocket.

And the results can be EVEN more profitable -
The DMA National Client Email Report proves that:

'One in five companies report an ROI of over 70:1 with Email Marketing'.

So your subscribers really are the life-blood of your profits.

(Think of them like your loyalist fans!)

Look after them and they will keep your business going for years to come.

But I know what you’re thinking…

That’s all well and good.


The hard bit is getting those leads in the first place.

And you’re absolutely right.

Like us - I’m sure you’ve tried everything.

Landing Pages
Exit Pops
Paid Ads

I’m sure you’ve tried them all.

But here’s the thing - just like us, your results are probably starting to wain…

The average conversion rate on a standard optin page is just 3%. And it maxes out at 7%.


Because they’re intrusive.

And obvious.

And your visitors have got wise.

You do it yourself. You land on a page and you see the same old bog standard ‘enter your email here’ box…

(The page is disturbingly blank apart from this)…

You hardly know anything about the company.

They’ve failed to sell you the benefits of subscribing

And you don’t even trust that you’ll get whatever ‘incentive’ the empty page is promising…

You KNOW that page exists only to capture the truly unsuspecting

You instinctively avoid it.

And it’s not only ‘squeeze pages’ that want to squeeze that all important email address out of you…

Exit pops - Asking for your email ‘just before you go away’…

Seems a little desperate doesn’t it?

In fact - it reeks of a scam.

You click that big fat red X.
And here’s the thing - so do your customers.
Just imagine how much cash you are loosing every time one of your visitors does exactly the same thing on YOUR landing page.

A: About 38 USD every time according to Campaign Monitor.

You might as well just flush that 38 USD down the toilet.

BUT - just imagine if you could save that 38 USD?

And for every 9 visitors that would normally click off your page and resist to give over their email…

You get to rescue 3 of them.

And pocket their 38 USD in ROI.

That’s an extra 3 subscribers you didn’t have before…

And suddenly your list is starting to grow…

As are your profits.

In a moment I’m going to reveal to you this amazingly effective tool that is going to do exactly this for you -

Giving you a better optin rate than ANY other method on the market.

Just think about how much easier it is to be convinced to give your email address to a real person in exchange for an incentive?

Who engages to you, who talks to you like a real person?

Who chats through the benefits of signing up.

How much harder is it now to walk away?…

Just take a quick look at these two examples:

We’ve all seen them…a survey website asking for your email…

You’ve got time to think about it, nothing much to persuade you but a rather blank page…you choose not to enter your email - or simply decide to come back later…

As you go to leave - a desperate exit pop appears

Begging you to enter your email and subscribe.

It annoys you - surely you just made your decision?

So you choose not to subscribe.

And realistically never to go back at all…

This time, you meet the survey collector on the street... then they


Get your attention in a non-intrusive way.

They attract your attention politely, not too noisily - they kind of catch you off guard…


They begin to chat with you.

In a real way - like a human.
They make a personal connection with you -
They explain the benefits of signing up -
And they offer you, say 38 USD cash just for your trouble.
They’re nice. They’re personable. They’ve taken time to chat to you. They’ve explained the benefits AND given you an incentive.


It’s very hard to NOT give your email address.

This is EXACTLY what OptinChat does:

Gets Their Attention + Gets Them To Open

Engages With Them Personally

Encourages Them To Give Up Their Email Address - WITHOUT Feeling Cheated.

Whether you’ve paid for traffic, ran paid ads, worked hard on your SEO and more…there’s no doubt you tried REALLY hard to get those visitors to your site…

So just imagine if you could get 3x the subscribers for your efforts?

Without trying any harder than you are right now?…

In fact - you don’t even have to try as hard!

OptinChat gives you an average conversion rate of 14 - 22.5%

And we’ve even seen results as high as 26.%

And we've even seen inside funnel conversion rates as high as 64.77%

Now THAT makes your efforts of getting them to your sites seem a little more worth it right?

JUST by adding THIS on his blog.
And now - you can too.

In fact, one of our users generated 16438 emails at 22.3% overall conversion & 64.77% inside funnel conversion

Deepak Kanakaraju

Kulwant Nagi - Generated 1081+ emails at 16.47% overall conversion & 62% inside funnel conversion rate

Kulwant Nagi


Literally Talks Your Visitors Into Handing Over Their Emails…

OptinChat is a revolutionary new technology that converts your visitors into subscribers with an interactive yet automated chat module!

OptinChat works because of three main factors

#1: It gets their attention:
(in the right way!)

(People have positive associations with chat modules - because they associate them with HELP).

#2: It interacts and engages with them personally - in realtime - just like a real person!

#3: You can totally customise your chat to offer your visitors something they really want

Already Smart Enough To Know You Want It?
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As you already know, OptinChat gives a higher rate of optin conversion than any other tried and tested method

And All It Takes Is Just 3 Easy Steps:

Step : 1

Build Your Questions

Step : 2

Install The Code On ANY Of Your Websites

Step : 3

Start Turning Visitors Into Subscribers Quicker And Easier Than Ever Before…

Watch Step by Step Demo Video

100 Seconds Challenge Video

OptinChat is next-level, Einstein-clever lead generation. It’s like having your own personal VA

Chatting away to your visitor’s…

Making a personal connection

Offering them something they want

And ensuring you bag that valuable lead - every time.

Why OptinChat is special and gets you results every time?..

Visitors Have Positive Associations With Chat Modules…

Here’s the thing, people are used to seeing help chats pop up

And the best thing?

They associate them with something positive.

They feel like they are going to get something from it.

They are less resistant to opening it.

And THAT’s Why OptinChat works so well.

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Some Of Optin Chat’s Awesome Features That Are Going To Be Turning Your Visitors Into Subscribers Before You Can Say ‘Kerching!’

Feature #1 Make Your OptinChat Totally Realistic By Quickly and Easily Creating Custom Chat Modules:

Introducing: Flexible Question Creator

You can make your visitor’s OptinChat interactions always totally realistic with your exact choice of questions and answers.

Feature #2 Add Your Custom Brand Logo for More Exposure

Custom Brand Logo

Branding is one thing that gives your brand an identity to be known. With OptinChat you can customise the look and feel of every component to customise it to your Brand Image and always be the top face on your Customers Mind.

Feature #3 Automatically Send Your Leads Direct To Your Favourite Autoresponder:

Seamlessly integrates with:

And you can even store all of your new emails directly inside the app and export them as a CSV file.

Feature #4 Auto-Register Your Visitors For Your Webinars:

Introducing Seamless Webinar Platform Integration:

OptinChat seamlessly integrates with major webinar platforms including:

Meaning you can take your new leads from OptinChat and send them STRAIGHT to your webinar registration. Meaning you can be registering leads to your webinars quicker than you can say ‘let’s close the deal!’ Just imagine the possibilities…

Feature #5 Phone and Email Validation so that you get only genuine leads

Validation System

One of the major challenges Marketers face with Lead Generation is getting authentic data of their Customers. Many at times visitors try to bogus on the systems. It’s not the Case with Optinchat, if someone tries it OptinChat can recognise it and it asks for their Correct Information.

Feature #6 Daily Email Reports

Keep Track on Your Emails

With so many automations running across different marketing channels, it’s hard to keep a track of all the campaigns and optimise them. This is the reason we have come up with Daily Reports which would be sent to your email. You don’t need to login back, we will remind you of your Performance.

Feature #7 Split Test which script is working for you and find a winners

A/B Testing

We are all humans and we guess all the times. But to really take our Campaigns to next level of Conversion - it’s advisable to test it out in the Market by sending traffic. With one-click A/B testing feature of OptinChat you can test and turn your Assumptions into proven Marketing Tactics for your Brands.

Where OptinChat Leads from Competitors

Email ID Collection
Email marketing integrations
Zapier Integration
Non-obtrusive chat interface
Option to ask additional questions
$119 Per Month
Optin Monster
$29 Per Month
EUR39.80 One Time

What Current Users Are Saying...

I discovered OptinChat after feeling compelled to complete an OptinChat enquiry form on another website. I thought the process was excellent and felt that it would convert well on my own website. I immediately tracked down the tool and added it to my own site, switching from OptinMonster. Our conversion rate has increased over 10x as a result. OptinChat is an excellent tool, produces outstanding results and the support is second to none
Gary Hemming
Optin Chat is helping me to collect data of users visiting my website quickly and in an efficient way. I recommend other bloggers and website owners to use optin chat for their websites to collect data hassle free.
Aftab Alam
Discovered OptinChat through Facebook page of Mr Deepak Kanakaraju. Conversion ratio is awesome and electrifying. Compared to other email collection tools and landing pages this app is on top of the charts
Arvind Balaji K.U
Earlier I used to think that a normal subscription will be enough for my site to collect email ID of prospects but when I started using OptIn chat, things changed for better. I started getting comparatively more email IDs than previously. People always prefer chat over a normal subscription box on the page because a human interaction is always better :) Thanks Deepak for this awesome tool!
Apoorva Bhagat
I used some other tools earlier for email collection. As they were so commonly used and compulsive, I couldn't find them effective. OptinChat is performing way better than them and my conversion ratio now is 10X.
Bharat Madhekar
Just Awesome! Very effective tool to collect your visitors data. I have just launched my new website and integrated optin chat just to see whether my visitors interact with my webiste or not. I found it very useful for my website.
Chirag khushalani
optin chat is a great tool because it don't look spammy to user .once user click it , he/she definetly going to give his/her details .I got 60% more conversions using optin chat .No other tool can work as effectively than optin chat .
Mahendra Choudhary
Optin proved to be a game changer for my business. What's the point of having a website if it cannot convert visitors into customers? Automate everything -Almost!!! Huge Value! Best of its kind, a stand out tool!
Chittaranjan Ghoshal

Here’s Exactly How YOU Can Use OptinChat to 3x Your Optins and Build Your List Quicker Than Ever:

Get More Subscribers From Your Blog Now:

When you get OptinChat chatting life-like away to your blog visitors

Winning them over. And offering them an attractive incentive…

Maybe a helpful training guide or a discount to your course…

Of course, they’ll have to provide their email address to receive it… They think they’re chatting to a real person

And before you know it - your helpful ‘real life’ chat person has collected their email address And the visitor hardly even realises they gave it up. There is ZERO resistance

NOW you see how OptinChat converts 3x better than any other tool out there.

ECom Marketers: Grab More Sales At The
Same Time As More Subscribers!

Now that you’ve got OptinChat, you can offer your visitors extra incentives in exchange for their email address…

Why not offer them an exclusive coupon?

An instant discount? Or even a combo offer…

In exchange for their email address?…

As soon as they get in a conversation with your OptinChat module -

They’ll be drooling over their exclusive discount before you can say ‘kerching!’


That’s an email address AND a sale.

Double win!


Stand Out From The Crowds Of Affiliate Marketers:

Put OptinChat on your bonus or affiliate page and offer your visitors an irresistible discount in exchange for their email address

Or maybe even offer them an extra bonus for buying through your link (which you can put direct on your chat!)

You’ll be selling WAY more than the next affiliate…

And they’ll be left wondering how you did it -

Whilst all you need to do is to worry about how you’re going to spend your extra profits.


Use OptinChat To Massively Boost Your Offline Sales:

Put OptinChat on your website and you’ll be adding a new sales assistant to your team.

Use OptinChat to offer exclusive discounts for your new products, (or things you want to get rid of!)

Sigh them up for your mailing list,Or invite them to a special VIP event.
You can even get your helpful OptinChat worker to give your visitors a real-life quote

Of course they’ll have to give in their email address to receive it…!

And BOOM! Another easy sign up. Your visitor gets what they want.

You get their email address.
And they go away thinking that your business is SUPER helpful and personal.

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Plus we’re even offering you a whole host of bonuses
to make this even more of a no-brainer decision today:
Webinar for Local Marketing

A special webinar on the simplest… fastest… cheapest… and most likely-to-succeed-for-you opportunity in 2017 on selling customer leads to local businesses. You will be automatically registered for the Training.

Webinar for Getting Leads Lifetime

A special Webinar on the lifelong services of Premium Apps & Lead Magnets which will keep the inflow of Targeted Leads coming to you for Lifetime. More Lead Magnets for Life = Targeted Leads coming in forever!!

But this is your ONLY opportunity to get
OptinChat for a one time price.

A genuine SAAS - OptinChat was sold as a subscription service to our beta testers (7000 of them)

And it will be again.

The second this exclusive launch period is over, OptinChat will revert to its $67 a month cost.

Get in today and you will be grandfathered in at the low one-time offer -

And will never have to pay another cent ever again.

Today You Can Get Unrestricted Access To OptinChat For
LESS Than The Price Of Just One Month’s Membership.

In Fact You Can Get It For Just 39.80 Euro

Pro Plan for 39.80 Euro

Optin Chat

Autoresponders Integration

Email Validation

Phone Number Validation

Custom Brand Logo

Daily Email Reports

Zapier Integrations

GoToWebinar Registration

Everwebinar/ Webinar Jam

5000 Allowed

Unlimited Sites

Silver Plan for 56.80 Euro

Optin Chat

Autoresponders Integration

Email Validation

Phone Number Validation

Custom Brand Logo

Daily Email Reports

Zapier Integrations

GoToWebinar Registration

Everwebinar/ Webinar Jam

Unlimited Optins Allowed

A/B Testing

Unlimited Sites

85% People Bought This

But Miss Out Now And You’ll Be Loosing Subscribers And Dropping 38 USD Quicker Than A Politician Drops His Campaign Promises…
One-Time Offer Will NEVER Be Available Again

With the same old landing pages that are just WAY too easy to ignore.

Or annoying your visitors with intrusive exit pops that no longer ‘surprise’ them.

Or you could simply click below -

And start collecting subscribers with 3x more success and 3x faster today.

Just imagine how much cash you are loosing every time one of your visitors clicks that big red X on your option page….

With OptinChat you’ll be able to rescue 3 extra subscribers for every 9 visitors you would normally frighten off.

Now THAT turns the odds in your favor.

And Of Course You’re Always Covered By Our Rock Solid Guarantee


If you have any technical issues while using OptinChat and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we'll give you 100% of your money back. Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only - other than that, all sales are final.

We do not offer a no-questions asked refund. You will need to provide a valid reason for requesting one. Our team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues they have so you're extremely safe & your purchase is protected.

‘With an average ROI of 38 USD - just TWO new leads could more than pay for your investment in OptinChat today.

And when you see not one lead…but 93, 120 or even 261 (just like Xavier) come in the FIRST day you implement OptinChat,

You’ll be smiling all the way to the bank…

(Or to the car dealership to bag that truck you’ve had your eye on for months!)

And just think what a difference OptinChat is going to make to your business when your subscriber list stands at 19,000 leads in just 90 days (just like our beta users).

You already know lead generation is the key to the long term success of your business,

And OptinChat will provide you with a constant flood of brand new leads and subscribers -

Who’ll be your most loyal payers for years to come.

Try OptinChat risk free for 30 days now and we know you’ll love the results it will give you.

Start doing lead generation the right way -

Not low converting, ‘scare your potential subscribers away’ landing pages -

Or desperate, invasive exit pops,

Just smart, clever and personal lead generation.

With the highest option conversion rate of any tool on the market. Proven.

We look forward to hearing your success stories -

And we KNOW you are looking forward to your bulging subscriber lists.’

From The Desks Of...

Hans Kolpak

P.S.  You have already seen how OptinChat is going be building your list 3x as fast with 3 times more success. Giving you a ‘not-so-average’ optin conversion rate of up to 22.5%. OptinChat literally talks your visitors into handing over their email address to you - with an optin rate higher than any other tool. Proven.

P.P.S.  But you have to act fast. This special one-time pricing is ONLY available for this launch period only. The very second this launch period ends, OptinChat will revert to it’s usual monthly fee - BUT get in now and you’ll be grandfathered in, with unrestricted access for all time - for less than the usual price of one month! So fearlessly click the button below and get started right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does it work on mobile?

YES - of course. This is 2017. We’d never let you miss out on those over 50% of users who view your sites on a mobile device. (StatCounter)

Q: What can I choose to collect?

A: You can choose to collect names, emails and telephone numbers. Whatever best suits your business. You're in control.

Q: Does OptinChat REALLY interact like a real person?

A: Absolutely. Each chat person features a photo, name (your choice) and even pauses in real time to look exactly like a real, personal interaction.

Q: Does OptinChat Integrate With My Autoresponder?

A: OptinChat seamlessly integrates with HTML and Zapier ...

Q: Does OptinChat Intergrate With My Webinar Platform?

A: OptinChat seamlessly integrates with major webinar platforms including: GoToWebinar, WebinarJam and EverWebinar - meaning you can take leads with OptinChat and send them STRAIGHT to your webinar registration. Just imagine the possibilities…

Q: Are there any bonuses?

Yes we have two exclusive fast action bonuses for you. Including our webinar to make you serious bucks by selling on your leads to local businesses and an exclusive gold nugget webinar to make your leads last a life-time.

Q: Is there any training?

As soon as you get started you will have instant access to our easy to follow, fast to implement, step by step video tutorials and you will also be automatically subscribed for our exclusive live orientation webinar - getting you on the fast track to huge leads with OptinChat.